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Winslow Art Trust Museum open 9/29/2018

The WAT Museum construction crew is working overtime to get the museum open by Friday, September 28th. After 7 years of effort the museum will have a soft opening during the Standing on the Corner Festival on September 29. Kip…

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Hubbell Rug

Today we unrolled the Hubbell Rug (the world's largest single loom Navajo textile) and inspected it for pests prior to transporting it to the Museum of Northern Arizona for preventative freezing at the Eastman Collection Center. It takes 6 people…

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The Fall Colors at La Posada

As the season changes at La Posada and Fall begins to become more prevalent, pops of color can still be noticed throughout our gardens. Yellow leaves litter the ground and some resilient flowers are still hanging on through the chilly…

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