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La Posada – Harvest Time!

La Posada Gardens

The La Posada gardens aren’t only extraordinary for their beauty, but also for what they produce. This year has been especially bountiful, providing beautiful squash, apples, peppers, kale, spinach, herbs, and more for our Turquoise Room Restaurant. Most produce Chef Jesus says, will be used in pastas and mixed vegetables.

La Posada Gardens
Kalup harvesting greens!

Head gardener Char Tomlinson, along with her crew–Daniel, Kalup, and Jason Jay–have been busy reaping the rewards of their hard work, and we thank them.

I love the idea of providing fresh, organically grown vegetables, fruits and herbs to the Turquoise Room! There is an amazing opportunity to provide more “farm to table” food for Chef. Figuring out what varieties, conditions and care that the seeds need to thrive is a challenge, but sowing and reaping the fruits of our labor is truly an amazing reward!

Char Tomlinson/Head Gardener
(Char in 2020 at the raised beds outside of Affeldt Mion Museum on the east side of La Posada)

The gardeners also harvested the beautiful amaranth all around the property, which Chef will use in salads and breads.

Fall Decor

We had some really lovely heirloom pumpkins this year as well! You’ll find them arranged in and around the hotel, an excellent complement to the gorgeous La Posada fall gardens.

La Posada Gardens

More from the La Posada Fall Gardens – Granny Smith Apples and Quince!

We had an exceptionally big Granny Smith Apple Harvest this year, which resulted in delicious apple pie at the Turquoise Room! Five-year-old guest Tuck skipped the pie and enjoyed them straight off the tree. Smart girl!

 Granny Smith Apples

For the adults, we have a Caramel Appletini garnished with harvested apples from LPH!

The crew also harvested quince. What is quince you ask? It’s similar in appearance to a pear, but ripe quince fruits are hard, tart, and astringent. They need the benefit of cooking with sugar, so these will be used to make chutney!

The Gardens

Mary Colter’s original 1930 design for Winslow Arizona’s La Posada Hotel included plans—not only for the hotel—but also for acres of gardens based on sustainable desert plant communities. Sadly, that didn’t happen during her time, but Allan and his team have done an extraordinary job bringing that vision to life, not only with the flowers–which seemed especially magnificent this year–but also with the vast array of food. While the growing conditions can be a bit challenging, Char and her gardening staff do an exemplary job, as witnessed by this ample fall harvest.

Next Crops!

In December, Char will begin planning the next crops and ordering warm-weather crop seeds. They will plant after the last freeze when the soil temperature is at least 56 degrees.

I carefully choose the seeds based on organic and heirloom varieties and how well they’ll do in Winslow’s climate and altitude. We also save seeds from this year’s crop. I’ll be ordering a variety of heirloom squash, gourd, and pumpkin seeds as well as beans and corn. I also plant companion flowers and herbs to thwart invasive pests, these include: nasturtiums, mint, rosemary, oregano and marigolds. I’ll also be planting tomatoes, peppers and basil starts in the Chef’s beds. The Chef’s beds will also be planted with a variety of onion and garlic bulbs in the next few weeks.

Char Tomlinson/Head Gardener

Garden Tour

If you’re curious to know more about La Posada’s gardens, be sure to take the self-guided garden tour the next time you visit! Get your map from the front desk of find more information here!

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