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Hubbell-Joe Rug

Today (October 2017) we unrolled the Hubbell-Joe Rug (the world’s largest single loom Navajo textile) and inspected it for pests prior to transporting it to the Museum of Northern Arizona for preventative freezing at the Eastman Collection Center. It takes six people to move the rug and it is so large that we can only unroll half of the rug in this space. The good news is that we spotted no damage or pests and the rug appears to be in excellent shape. Our thanks to the Museum of Northern Arizona for helping us to preserve this incredible object.

Update on the Hubbell-Joe Rug: 6/15/2023

The Hubbell-Joe Rug will soon be ready to view! Mary E.J. Colter’s historic depot behind La Posada has been restored and is now open as the Affeldt Mion Museum. The rug will be on permanent exhibit in the original baggage room at the depot. Artist John Suttman is in process of building the display mechanism, which includes this impressive winch.

Hubbell-Joe Rug Mechanism

If you’d like to hear about the grand-opening for the Hubbell-Joe Rug Exhibit (hoping for September 2023), please sign up for our email list by going to THIS LINK.

Hope to see you soon!

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